Short Heads Up

In case you read the last post via email, ignore the thing about the law being man-made. The law itself was from God, it was just extensively added to over time, unnecessarily, by men. Anyway, the man-made comments were gotten rid of in the post. I suggest you read it on the blog itself.


Just FYI

I do have more to say about Communion in the hand (and other things), but I’m really busy, so gimme time. lol.

Peace to all,

My answer to the obnoxious initial question

Greetings to all. This is that somewhat cliche and annoying post that everyone with a blog unfailingly makes in order to answer the equally cliche and annoying question, “Why did you make a blog?” Well, the answer is two-fold: firstly, I’m thoughtful and like sharing my thoughts. Secondly, I always have defenses of the Catholic Faith to post on Facebook and I thought, “Hey, instead of annoying my Facebook friends with this stuff, why not just make a blog and post that stuff there? Then, whoever wants to read that stuff is more than free to, and whoever doesn’t want to is free not to.”

Yeah, it sure was a lovely idea. Then, guess what happened. I forgot to make one. Then, maybe a week later or so I would think, “Oh yeah, I wanted to make a blog, didn’t I?” Aaaaand I forgot, again. And again. And again…… But no more! I remembered and got around to it, thanks be to God.

Now, as I’ve said, I have, on Facebook, a few notes which serve as a defense of Catholic doctrines such as Christology and Trinitarianism, so for now I’m going to post those and then, of course, write more original and varied-in-topic things as they come to me. All in all, though, I hope you don’t regret reading what I have to say in the future.

Keep it healthy,