Yes, You Can

Hello to all of you, my readers!

I’ll begin the current post by asking you this: How many times have you heard people say, almost in humor, “I’m never going to be a saint!”? Or how many Catholics do you know who are content to say, “I’ll  try to make it to Purgatory at least” as though Purgatory were some middle road for the not-too-good and the not-too-bad?

Notwithstanding the fact that such a statement shows complete ignorance of what Purgatory is, there is a very real and very strong danger here. This would be the danger of being content with the middle road. Although I’m assuming most of you don’t see Purgatory as a “Heaven easier than Heaven”, how many of you end up thinking, “Eh, I’m probably gonna end up in Purgatory if I’m saved”?

This isn’t quite as bad as deliberately choosing Purgatory since it’s supposedly “easier to get to” than Heaven, but it still shows many qualities of that indifferentism which is so harmful.

Remember when the angel told Mary, “All things are possible with God” and when St. Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me”? Do you ever feel tempted to simply brush statements like that off as a mere ideal which is not actually achievable by the common person?

If you do, resist such an urge. That’s precisely what the devil wants. He wants you to find real, deep sanctification impossible. Why? Because if you don’t think you can become, to quote Our Lord, “perfect as your heavenly Father is”, then you won’t even attempt to reach that goal.

It’s not impossible to be perfect. Hard, most definitely. But not impossible. The only thing stopping you from being a saint is your desire to be one and your trust that the Lord Who strengthened Paul can strengthen you. God does not plan for you to be a lukewarm soul. He made you and He made you for Heaven, not for Purgatory. Purgatory is a last resort and should never be looked at as a first choice. If you truly, truly want to go to Heaven without needing to enter Purgatory first, the Lord will be more than willing to grant your wish.

Ask Him and trust Him. He won’t ignore you.


6 thoughts on “Yes, You Can”

  1. One of the most encouraging posts I’ve read in a long time! And all very true…. I like to recall one of my favorite quotes by St. Dominic Savio: If I am not trying to be a saint, I am doing nothing at all.


  2. Brother, I LOVE this post. I’m going to republish it on my Facebook, in fact. And good luck continuing to work on being perfect as He is perfect in your own life! Pray for me in MY attempts. God is good!


  3. Think about it. If we “aim” for Heaven but fall short, we spend some time in Purgatory. Do people ever consider what happens if they only “aim” for Purgatory, but fall short? Better to aim for the top!


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