Male and Female He Created Them

Often, when it comes to finding a Biblical argument against homosexual practice, the Old Testament will be used extensively. The homosexual (or the one who sees no problem with homosexuality) usually says that since the Old Law is no longer binding, so the arguments against homosexuality are no longer binding. He or she will then go on to say that homosexuality is only mentioned once or twice in the New Testament, and only “very obscurely” (this actually isn’t true; there’s no obscurity, but I digress), and in light of that the Christian should be more tolerant.

One of the anti-homosexual arguments I’ve seen used many times is the fact that Lord created humans “male and female” (Gen. 1:27) and said precisely that “it is not good for man to be alone” (Gen. 2:18). Yes, it is true, this passage is from the Old Testament. But we need to consider a few things before it’s brushed off as worthless.

“The law,” St. John tells us in the first chapter his gospel, “was given by Moses. Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”

Jesus Christ, we know, is the “Word become flesh” (John 1:14), the Word that “was with God and was God” (1:1). Do you see what’s happening here? Let’s rephrase the above quote from John. It’s as if he said, “The law was given by Moses. Grace and truth came by God.”

Now, I think, the distinction is clearer. It was not a law, but simply God Himself, not able to be misinterpreted or added to, Who declared “it is not good that man should be alone”. He said this before any law even needed to be established, since original sin had not yet entered the world. God declared man and woman’s need for each other at a time someone could view the world and “see how good it was”. Even if someone can’t find a convincing argument from any other place in the Bible, this one is very strong.

God, not just the Mosaic law, declared heterosexuality to be His desire for mankind. Who can argue with God?

His blessings to all,



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