The Jesus According to Matthew: Chapters 23-28

Here we are, at the end of Matthew. Hope you’re ready.

1) He is our one Master (Matt 23:10),

2) He sends prophets (Matt 23:34).

3) He will come in the clouds and give commands to His angels (Matt 24:30-31).

4) His words will last forever (Matt 24:35).

5) He is, again, the “Lord” and “bridegroom” mentioned previously (Matt 25:10-11).

6) He will come seated in majesty in the company of all the angels (Matt 25:31).

7) He will separate the good and evil (Matt 25:32).

8) He is “the king” (Matt 25:34).

9) He will shun the wicked into Hell (Matt 25:41).

10) He turns bread and wine into His body and blood (Matt 26:26-28).

11) He predicts Peter’s denial (Matt 26:34).

12) The Father would give Jesus twelve legions of angels if the latter but asked (Matt 26:53).

13) He will be seen sitting at God’s right hand and coming in the clouds (Matt 26:64). He is then accused of blasphemy (Matt 26:65).

14) Great catastrophes occur when He dies and saints rise from the dead (Matt 27:51-53).

15) He rises from the dead (Matt 28:6) and an angel sits outside His tomb (Matt 28:2).

16) He has all power in Heaven and Earth (Matt 28:18).

17) He has the same name as the Father [and the Holy Spirit] (Matt 28:19).

18) He will be with us forever (Matt 28:20).

So there’s, in total, 84 divinity proofs from gospel #1. Did Matthew think Jesus was God? Seems like it to me.

God bless,



2 thoughts on “The Jesus According to Matthew: Chapters 23-28”

  1. It’s interesting how often Jesus was accused of blasphemy. It indicates that most people, the Pharisees included, realized that He was speaking literally and not figuratively. When He was speaking figuratively, like in parables, He made sure to let people know it. So the entire Gospel is a record of people who heard Jesus speaking and knew to take him literally, and yet when it comes to certain things like the Real Presence in the Eucharist, the words He spoke are suddenly interpreted to mean something non-literal. Sure, it’s hard to believe that He could be serious, but a LOT of the things He said are hard to believe. Which is why He was accused of blasphemy in the first place! How is disbelief of His word, that we are literally to eat His body and drink His blood, any different than accusing him of blasphemy?


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