The Jesus According to Matthew: Chapters 13-22

I realized last night that I forgot two things about the Jesus of Matthew: 1) He doesn’t need baptism (Matt 4:14) and 2) He is greater than Jonah and Solomon (Matt 12:41-42). Anyway, with that said, we can continue on! Once again, we’ll jump right in and I’ll comment as necessary.

And one thing before the fun begins: you’ll notice I use miracles as “Divinity Proof”. You might think that won’t work, since the apostles, too, worked miracles. But remember: they only did it because He gave them the power to, whereas He Himself performed miracles on His own power.

Here we go, beginning with Chapter 13:

1) Those who saw Jesus were very privelaged to see Him, as He was awaited by prophets and just men (Matt 13:17).

2) He is the One that “sows the good seed” in our hearts (Matt 13:37).

3) He has angels (Matt 13:41)

4) People are surprised by His wisdom (Matt 13:54).

5) He heals a sick multitude (Matt 14:14).

6) He multiplies loaves and fishes (Matt 14:18-21).

7) He walks on water (Matt 14:25).

8) He says, “Fear not, it is I”, which seems to echo “Be still and know that I am God” from Psalm 46:10 (Matt 14:27).

9) He rebukes Peter for doubting Him (Matt 14:31).

10) He is adored and called the Son of God (Matt 14:33).

11) Those who touch His garments are healed of infirmities (Matt 14:36).

12) He cures a woman’s daughter (Matt 15:28).

13) He heals another multitude (Matt 15:30).

14) He again feeds a multitude by multiplying food (Matt 15:37).

15) He is called “the Son of the living God” by Simon (Matt 16:16), and Simon is praised for recognizing this about Him (Matt 16:17).

16) He changes Simon’s name and establishes a covenant with him (Matt 16:18). This is something only God does.

17) He gives Simon Peter the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, which means He had them to give in the first place, which means Heaven is His (Matt 16:19).

18) If we lose our lives for His sake, we gain eternal life (Matt 16:25).

19) He will come in the Father’s glory, with His own angels, and pronounce judgement on the world (Matt 16:27).

20) He affirms that the kingdom of Heaven belongs to Him (Matt 16:28).

21) He is miraculously transfigured and speaks with Moses and Elijah (Matt 17:2-3); the Father calls Him His “beloved Son” and commands that He be listened to (Matt 17:5).

22) He casts out a demon whom His disciples could not (Matt 17:17).

23) Because He is God’s Son, He is exempt from tax (Matt 17:24-25).

24) He is come to save the lost (Matt 18:11).

25) He is in the midst of those gathered in His name (Matt 18:20); ergo, He is not limited to a particular place.

26) He again heals a great multitude (Matt 19:2).

27) He must be followed if eternal life is desired (Matt 19:21). Again, not just His doctrine, but Him.

28) He will sit “on a seat of majesty” (Matt 19:28).

29) His life will have redeeming power (Matt 20:28).

30) He heals two blind men (Matt 20:34).

31) He desribes the conditions of an event which had not yet occured (Matt 21:2-3).

32) He fulfills a Scripture (Isai 62:11 and Zach 9:9) which calls Him a king.

33) In the parable of the vineyard, He is the heir to the householder who planted the vineyard (Matt 21:37-38). That means He is an heir Who gains Heaven from God, His Father.

34) He is the rejected stone which becomes the cornerstone (Matt 21:42).

35) He is the bridegroom, and He is the Son of the King, and Heaven is the feast prepard for Him (Matt 22:2).

36) He knows the schemes of the Pharisees’ disciples and does not become ensnared (Matt 22:18).

37) He avoids the temptings of the Sadducees (Matt 22:35-40).

38) He is David’s Lord and sits at God’s right hand (Matt 22:43-45).



Five chapters left, guys. You still doubting?



God bless,



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