Pars Quarta: Reviso et Conclusio

At last we have come to the end of what I had to say on the topic of Communion in the Hand. Now, as I said in my “series announcement” post: I am NOT saying you must receive the Holy Eucharist on the tongue. The Church allows that you may receive in the hand, but as seen in Pars Prima: A Historical Windshield Wiper, she desires that care be taken and prudence exercised in performing that practice. Still, what the Church allows, she allows, and I can’t disallow anything only because of my personal taste.

With that said, let’s quickly review what has been said in the last three posts:

1) Vatican II is not responsible for Communion in the Hand

2) Care should be taken when Communion in the Hand is done

3) There are many reasons why it is more ideal to simply receive on the tongue, among them a decreased risk of profanation of particles, an increased sense of the solemnity of the action, and the personal views of the Holy Father himself

4) John Paul II and Mother Teresa, often loved by liberals, disliked Communion in the Hand

5) If someone wants to receive Communion in the Hand because that’s what the early Church supposedly did, then he should do it in the way that the early Church did

With all this said, I encourage you, if you receive in the hand on a regular basis, to consider receiving on the tongue. The results of an action so simple are marvelous, really.

May the Lord bless you, and may His mother pray for you as the month of May closes,



2 thoughts on “Pars Quarta: Reviso et Conclusio”

  1. I can definitely attest to this:The results of an action so simple are marvelous, really.

    Long time receiver on the hand up to about a month ago — and really, the change was tangible, and I loved it! It really heightens the sense of reverence and devotion.


    1. I think a lot of people these days are uncomfortable with Communion on the tongue since no one around them does it, and the majority of people are only taught Communion in the Hand.


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