Making A Series: The Announcement

After my post a couple days ago about Holy Communion, I decided I’d just go all out and make a whole set of posts on the topic. After all, to quote the so often misrepresented Second Vatican Council, the Eucharist is “the fount and apex of the whole Christian life” (Lumen Gentium, 11). What better to post about?!

File:Ecce Agnus Dei.jpg
It ain’t bread anymore, folks.

In that photo, my friends, is Jesus, “the Word become flesh” (Jn 1:14), the same Word Who in the beginning “was with God and was God” (Jn 1:1), by Whom “all things were made” (Jn 1:3); in that photo, held in the hands of the priest, is the “Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end” (Rev. 22:13), the “true God and eternal life” (1 Jn 5:20), the One at Whose name “every knee should bend, of those in Heaven, on Earth, and under the earth” (Phil. 2:10), “the King of kings and Lord of lords, Who dwells in light inaccessible” (1 Tim 6:16). In that photo is….

Oh, sorry, guess I got carried away with all the divine titles. Sorry. Anyway, the topic will be Holy Communion in the hand.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am not saying you CAN’T perform the practice. It is allowed by the Church. OK? OK. However, there are stipulations and other such things which the Church says are to be carefully considered before the Eucharist is received this way, and many people don’t even know about them.

Now not to get you all excited, but this is a sort of “preview post” of what I’ll be saying on the matter. It’s to introduce my Communion series, not officially start it. It will start, God willing, tomorrow.

God bless, may His mother pray for you, and please, if you don’t mind, subscribe!



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