The Happiness of Satan

We’ve all sinned at some point. You have, I have, the man getting groceries at Food Lion has, you name it! And if, God forbid, we do something really terrible, we envision the devil laughing gleefully at our fall. Then he methodically rips us apart and tells us how useless and terrible we are, how there’s no hope, how we can’t possibly be forgiven, etc…

Swerving aside, what is Hell, exactly? I would say that, in simple terms, it is the lack of any effect of God’s love on the persons there. God is in Hell, keeping it in existence, loving Satan, loving fallen souls, but this love does nothing for them, and so really the only effect God has on them is keeping them in existence. How terrifying, really…. having nothing of God but His will to sustain. And the souls themselves, how do they feel? They hate God. Satan hates God. They would rather not exist than be kept in this infernal state. But, their desire will never be satisfied. They’re forced to exist, forever, in a furnace of hatred. It never ends. If you picture something like a really long torture session, you know that no matter how long it is, the person being tortured always clings to the hope that eventually, at some point, it is going to be over. Hell isn’t like that. There is no hope. None.

If you had no hope at all, you’d feel pretty unhappy, am I right? So it is with all the fallen souls, so it is with the demons, so it is with Satan himself. Let’s take a look at this guy, Satan. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but even the most heinous of sins will not please him. He’s no more happy when we’re sinners than when we’re holy. He hates us either way. He hates all the souls in Hell with him, he hates himself, and of course, he hates the Lord.

So you might ask, as many have: “Why does he want us to sin if he doesn’t gain anything from it?” The answer stems from his hatred of God. You know how the first commandment, to love God above all things, encompasses all the other commandments (which is to say, if we truly love God, we’ll love everyone else)? Well I suppose with Satan it’s the converse. With humans, because they love God, they desire the good of others. Satan, hating God, thinks in just the opposite way: he wants the bad of others.

Also, because he hates God, he’ll do anything to go against the will of God, which includes the damnation of souls. And again, it could very well stem from pride: “If I’m not in Heaven, I don’t want them to be.”

Sad, isn’t it, how far sin can take someone?

God bless, and may His mom pray for you during May,



2 thoughts on “The Happiness of Satan”

  1. A word of clarification: the way you phrased it sounds slightly like God is deliberately torturing them in hell, but it’s not. These souls made the choice to reject God, and hell is the logical consequence of that choice. These souls couldn’t go to heaven even if they were able to in their damned state — being even closer to God in heaven would be even worse torture, if such a thing can be conceived (and I’m not sure if it can be). it sounds scary to imagine, but the damned an the devils WANT to be in hell rather than heaven. It doesn’t stop them from forever regretting it at the same time though…
    (Please correct me if I missed or skewed anything, Mike.)


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