Can God Make a Weight So Heavy He Can’t Lift it?

I don’t doubt that every single one of you has heard the saying that God can do all things. Right? That’s one of the first things we hear at very young ages: He’s omnipotent. On the one hand, we can’t put any limits to God’s power. On the other, we can’t say that God can do all things in the strictest sense.

Take the classic question from the atheist, “Can God make a weight so heavy that He can’t lift it?”. The questioner proudly stares at us, waiting for a reply which he assumes we’ll never be able to give. If we say yes, God can make a weight like that, then He can’t lift it and therefore can’t do all things. But if we say no, God can lift anything, then He still can’t make a weight like that. Either way, the scope of God’s ability is limited. Most people would sit there staring at the questioner, the latter of whom would have his anti-theism entirely renewed in its assuredness.

But here’s the thing: faith and reason always go together. Yes, there are dogmas like the Trinity and the Incarnation which go above the scope of human reason, but it’s important to note that even these never contradict what we know to be logically true. They’re not impossible, it’s just that we’d never come up with them by ourselves.

In light of that, it’s true that God can’t contradict God. There is a limit to the divine ability in the sense that God can’t perform a contradiction. He can’t make a weight so heavy that it can’t be lifted because that’s contradictory. Contradiction is chaos and God is a God of order.

God can’t hate because He’s perfect, and hatred is a lack of love, of which there is no lack in God. He can’t show favoritism, cause that’s unjust and God is all just.

It’s that simple. Contradiction and the true faith don’t go hand in hand.

God bless you, and may His mother pray for you during May,



5 thoughts on “Can God Make a Weight So Heavy He Can’t Lift it?”

  1. It’s really just a logic puzzle. Unfortunately, I never took an official logic course, so I’ve always had a hard time either figuring this one out or explaining it. Fortunately (or unfortunately) most atheists didn’t take a logic course either.
    (Yes, Mike, I am here, ready and eager.)


      1. Not if he took a flawed logic course! Try reading “Ten Philosophical Mistakes” by Mortimer J. Adler.


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