Living Up To Hype

After mulling over the idea in my mind, not being sure whether a post such as this would gain positive reception from readers, I presented the idea to a person; the person liked it. So today I’m going to post about–drum roll please–the humility of non-directness. Come to think of it, I’d say non-directness is something we have quite a lot of as Catholics. But I digress. What kind of non-directness am I talking about?

Specifically, praying through saints rather than going directly to the Holy Trinity with our concerns. Because you must consider something: our God is utterly transcendent.  He is infinitely above us, and, although this shouldn’t be taken to a scrupulous degree, I think John the Baptist got it right when he said he wasn’t worthy to stoop down and untie His sandals. Similarly, think of the centurion who said, “I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof”. And finally, recall 1 Timothy 6:16 which describes Him as “dwelling in light inaccessible, Whom no one has seen, or can see”. I know the Father calls us His children, the Son calls us His friends, and the Holy Spirit calls us His temple, but I mean, honestly…Even that’s an extreme privilege. Who are we to just chat with God all we want?


The grateful leper knealt for Jesus


Intercession is not only humbling, but it also makes our prayers more attuned to the Divine Will, since those in Heaven giving the prayer to God have already been perfected.

God bless you, and may His mother pray for you this month,



2 thoughts on “Living Up To Hype”

  1. I love praying to the saints, some of my best friends. :) And you have a good point here. It is humbling, this non-directness. But at the same time, I do think God wants us to come to Him sometimes. He wants us to be little, like children. And sometimes children go directly to their father to beg, and other times, they feel going through another medium is the better choice. Without taking the mindset of just “chatting to God all the time,” we can still go to Him at every moment. I think it all depends on what specifically you need at any certain time.


    1. Oh yes, and hence I put the “and, although this shouldn’t be taken to a scrupulous degree….” ;) I’m not saying we can’t talk to God, but a lot of us don’t see God for Who He is and don’t take Him seriously enough.


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