The Alarming Truth of the Diabolical

Demons aren’t talked about much, are they? When you hear the word, you probably imagine those spirits with bad tempers that Jesus went around casting out of people. They’re mean and have no use for people or God. Satan is their leader. They live in Hell. If you need a concrete picture of one, you probably think of a red guy who has horns on his head, bat-like wings, and a pitchfork, with a scheming look on his face.

Now, think of angels. If you’re at all like….well, anyone, really….you probably think of a human being who kinda glows white, has a white robe, maybe a halo over his head, feathery wings, a trumpet in hand, or you think of those little babies with wings that decorate churches and Christmas cards. The angels are on the side of God and are opposed to the demons. They live in Heaven and carry out God’s good will. Okay.

So is the above at all an accurate description of what you think when you hear of demons or angels?

The title of this post conveys the idea of demons, and so you needn’t worry yourself: we’ll definitely get there. But let us pause for a moment or two on angels. If someone asked you, “What is an angel?”, how would you respond? Think for a second of an answer. And now, with you having thought, let’s see how close to the mark you were: the correct answer is that angels are created spirits, without any bodies, who will never die. Sorry, but if you said, “They’re people in Heaven with wings” or “they’re everyone in Heaven besides God” you’re wrong. They don’t have wings, since spirits are not made of any sort of physical reality. And they’re not everyone in Heaven since angels are not humans; nor do humans become angels when they get to Heaven. The two are entirely separate creatures.

Alright, so…Angels are spirits, and they’re not humans. What does it mean to be a spirit? It means to be able to know and to love. Existing as spiritual beings, the angels, humans, and God are all able to know and love. Note also: the angels and God are spirits, humans have spirits. For the angels and for God, being a spirit constitutes the whole of what they are. Humans have spirits, along with bodies — they are not, themselves, spirits.

Now let me diverge a little: in the order of spiritual beings, the tri-personal God is, obviously, the highest: He is the one that knows and loves to the highest, most perfect degree, simply by existing. No one gives Him knowledge or causes Him to love. He does all this by being Who He is. The angels, created by this God, were given their abilities of knowledge and love. Then, there’s the humans: also given the two main faculties of spirit, but along with a physical reality, the body.

For whatever reason, the Holy Trinity decided to give the angels a higher spiritual nature than man’s. I don’t know why, but who am I to question why God does what He does? The fact of the matter is, angels are superior to humans. They have far more knowledge and are able to love to a greater degree. In fact, like God, the angels love without any emotion to obscure their vision.

Regarding the topic of angelic knowledge, I once read in a book called “How to Resist Temptation” that the knowledge of the angels is so great that they know more than any scientist could learn in a billion years; they know all about the secrets of the material universe, and finally, well…they can almost read our minds. Not in the strict sense: they don’t know certainly what we’re thinking, like God does, but they know our thoughts pretty darn well. Consider, for example: have you ever been such good friends with someone that they needn’t say something and yet you can “read them like a book”? The angels are rather like that.

At this point I’m going to finally talk about demons. We covered the following about angels: 1) they’re spirits 2) they’re distinct from humans 3) they are superior to humans and 4) they perform the operations of spiritual being to a far more intense degree than humans do. Now time for the scary part: demons are angels, and though they were cast into Hell, they never lost these qualities, besides the quality of unconditional love, which has been replaced by unconditional hate. They still have incredible genius, and they can make themselves appear good, bad, or like Jesus Himself.  The have power. They could destroy the whole, entire universe if the greater power of God didn’t prevent them. They may be evil, and their temptations may be, at times, simply annoying, but they are powerful, they mean business, and they’re not to be taken lightly. Pray to God, through Michael, through Mary, through all the other saints and Heavenly angels, for deliverance from their ensnarements.

Demons want to drag you to Hell. There’s no other way to put it.

God bless you, and may His mother pray for you during this month,



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