You’ve Got A Love Letter, m’friend

Some of you might have heard of Tim Staples, a former Protestant who eventually joined the Catholic Church *cue Hallelujah chorus*. He’s given a lot of talks about his conversion process; he was your “typical” Evangelical who was ever ready to share his faith with those around him. He, like the majority of Protestants, knew the Bible pretty well and would often rattle off Bible verses to prove that his beliefs were right.

Then he said somthing which is entirely true and entirely unfortunate in its own somewhat humorous way: “You know, I soon learned how to sniff out the Catholics. I mean, all ya had to do was ask ’em one question about Scripture”. That got laughter out of his audiance, and from me as well. And the reason we laugh is because he’s so RIGHT  in that observation.

File:Prologus Ioanni Vulgata Clementina.jpg
Don’t worry, you don’t need to read the Bible in Latin!

It’s funny because it’s true. Okay. But…..don’t you think, deep down, we should find the truth in that statement a little unsettling? The Holy Bible is a Catholic book, to the core, written, compiled, and interpreted by Catholics who, by the guidance of the Third Person of the Trinity, determined what it ought to contain. It should be used by US so that we can defend OUR faith, THE Faith, and yet it’s mostly used by heretical groups to defend their errors.

Picture, for example, the little boy with his action figurs and his sister with her dolls. If the sister tries to take the action figures and make them do girly things, her brother gets mad. Why? Because action figures are supposed to be masculine, not girlish.

That’s an unfair comparison, though, because in the example I gave above, the boy is at least unhappy at the misuse of his things. But a lot of Catholics couldn’t care less, or even if they do, they still think, “Why should I read the Bible? It’s long, or boring, or it doesn’t pertain to me since I know my faih. I don’t need to read it. I’m not a Protestant.”

No one of the New Testament writers would have dreamed that it would be glanced over by those for whom it was written and instead used by those it was written as a safeguard against.

No, you don’t have to read the whole thing from Genesis to Revelation. You could read a Gospel, a chapter, even a verse and then put it away again. But please become acquainted with it. It’s God’s personal love letter to you.

God bless you,



2 thoughts on “You’ve Got A Love Letter, m’friend”

  1. I noticed two things while reading this. First, that you used “couldn’t care less” correctly — so many misuse that, and it’s one my pet peeves, so just sayin’.
    And second, that this is so very true. I recently got more into Scripture. It is God speaking right to us — usually, my greatest inspiration is found within the pages of this amazing book.


    1. I myself have found, contrary to what Protestantism tells us, that reading the Bible reinforces my Catholic convictions! And another good thing is that it just has so much to say, if that makes sense. Like, no matter what type of inspiration you’re looking for, if you need advice, if you want proof God loves you, anything, you’ll find something to fit your fancy.


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