Worship of Mary?

In a sense, Protestants are correct when they say we worship the mother of Christ. In a sense. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but in older times than ours, the term “worship” had a much broader meaning than what is thought of today. When someone says “worship” now, you undoubtedly think of that supreme honor given to God. But did you know, my dear readers, that worship can be defined more broadly as well?

The common definition of “worship” that comes to mind when someone hears that word in the twenty-first century is “adoration” (Greek, latria). This is that which is due to the Trinity alone. It is, to quote the Catechism, the “highest act of the virtue of religion”. But worship isn’t ONLY adoration.

We have, for example, have what a Greek would call “hyperdulia”. This is given to Mary. Why to Mary and not other saints? Because she was the only sinless saint and God’s greatest creation. She is above other creatures, but below God quite infinitely.

Then we have “dulia”, which is given to all the other saints since they’ve lived their lives in the service of the Lord and made it to His kingdom.

File:L' Annonciation de 1644, Philippe de Champaigne..jpg
Nos Catholicae eam veneramus…


….et adoramus Eum.


So next time a Protestant says we “worship” Mary, ask them how they mean and explain the distinction. Worship does not necessarily mean adoration, which NO one can give to Mary.


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